Reviews of services and products

Introducing ngrok, the best “introspected” internet tunnel to localhost

I’m usually more of a person that spends time for writing negative reviews or complaining about something that I can’t do anything other than sharing my bad experience in order to prevent others from going through the same, but this service that I came across today deserves something good! It’s a pretty simple thing for those that understand it or in someway have any needs for it so I won’t…


Bad Yoast WordPress SEO!

I’m not going to get into details about what this plugin is and how it works or how to configure it but for those of you who know this plugin, I’m pretty sure you’ve realised how quickly new updates are available and how WordPress is always showing notifications on the admin side for updating the plugin. At first, you tell yourself, “Cool! Yoast is very actively maintaining this plugin and…


Entireweb SpeedyAds is a Fraud

I have a lot of patience when it gets to waiting for payouts but Entireweb has already passed the acceptable threshold for that! A couple of months back I joined the SpeedyAds network which is ran by Entireweb, a Swedish company supposed to be specialising in SEO and an owner of a rather well-known search engine. Unlike now that SpeedyAds is being ran on a separate domain and that on…


Slicify review: Earn money by selling computing power

A couple years back, I was a real fan of some of the projects running on BOINC. I’d contribute hours and hours of my computer’s computing time to these projects and had even brought out the old PCs from the storeroom and had the BOINC client running on them. For a couple of years I was really enjoying this and convincing my friends and family to join and co-operate until…