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Bypassing Hulu’s recent VPN/Proxy block

April 27, 2014, posted in Tutorial.

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Watch Hulu from outside USAI’ve been struggling to find a way to watch those TV series that I was following on Hulu since they started blocking VPN access to their site a couple of days ago. In fact I even have 3 private US based IPs that I had never used for a VPN or proxy of any sort but they were also blacklisted somehow! Luckily I came across hola.org a couple of hours ago and everything is working fine since! The best thing is that it’s completely free (though you can pay for a faster/better premium service).

On the technical side, as soon as I saw that there was an option that I could switch to any country to browse any website, I got most of the idea behind it as it was something that I had my mind busy with for some time because of the heavy internet censoring happening in my home country and I was thinking of building something similar to help those that were in need to have access to the free internet (me as in my team and I ;) ). On the other hand I though I’d wait to see the outcome of another project named “uProxy” which hasn’t been made publicly available yet.

So far hola seems to be acceptable, a little slow, but I presume the premium service would be much better. Still looking forward to the public release of “uProxy” as I think it’d be of a much better quality.

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Peter S. May 17, 2014 - 3:18 pm

Thanks dude! The best free solution I’ve seen and it actually works.


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